The Shelf Life With Seed Agents

There seems to be a great deal of debate about the shelf life with seed agents. They are every bit as important as the actual plants you grow. If you don't know the value of your seeds, you may be inclined to toss them out. You don't want to take the risk they won't germinate and then you won't have any plants to harvest the THC from. While you shouldn't take for granted those from seed agents you can harvest them and store them. When they are properly stored, they can have a shelf life of up to 5 years! Knowing how to take care of those seeds so they will remain vital in storage is the key that makes the difference. You should always put them in glass containers as the plastic ones can make the conditions favorable for mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow. Small jars such as baby food jars are the perfect size to store from seed agents. You should label them with information about the strain and the date you put them into the jar. Make sure the jar is washed well before you put anything into it. The jar also needs to be dried. If there is any residue of food, soap, or other debris then you may be destroying from seed agents rather than storing them well. The jars need to be air tight with a well-fitting lid. You need to select a cool, dry, dark location for them to be stored in. If you live in a region where it is very humid, you have to take that into consideration when you are storing them. A dehumidifier in the area can be a great way to draw that moisture out and prevent it from negatively affecting from seed agents. A walk in pantry may be the idea place to keep from seed agents once you have put them into containers. You should put some uncooked rice in with the seeds as that will help to soak up any moisture from them or that could possibly seep in due to high levels of humidity where you reside. You can also store them with seed agents in the bottom of your refrigerator in those jars. The coolness will help them to stay fresh. Don't worry about that little bit of time that your refrigerator light comes on either. It isn't going to be enough to harm those from seed agents! Even if you have a busy household with plenty of people in the refrigerator throughout the day, it won't be a concern. Avoid exposing them from seed agents to extreme heat too. If it is a very hot summer where you reside, try to place them where the air conditioning can help to keep them cool. Excessive heat may be good for the plants to grow but not for the success of storing your seeds. Follow these tips and you can have the shelf life of up to 5 years from seed agents without any worries.You have read, The Shelf Life With Seed Agents.
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